Units 1 to 2 Cherry Tree Offices, Stambridge Road, Rochford, Essex, SS4 2AF, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1702 530998
sales@mcsmicrowave.co.uk  www.mcsmicrowave.co.uk

About Us
MCS Microwave Limited was established in September 2000, and incorporated MCS, a business established in 1986. The company was founded by ex-Densitron / Marconi Engineers, with many years experience in the field of passive RF and Microwave devices. We are located in Rochford, England, 50 km east of London.

Our core business is design, and manufacture, of coaxial, drop-in, and waveguide Isolators and Circulators. Coaxial devices operate in selective bandwidths from 180MHz to 40.0GHz. Drop-in (microstrip compatible) devices are available for all the popular cellular communications bands, including TETRA radio. Waveguide components are available in WG10 (WR284) to WG20 (WR42).

We are totally committed to customer service, and offer a fast turnaround for standard components, typically 5 days after receipt of a purchase order. This includes customised connector type and orientation.  

We are able to supply all of the devices previously manufactured by Densitron (DML) Microwave / Nore Microwave. In addition, our design team are pleased to offer support for obsolete products, and we have successfully produced direct replacements for components designed as far back as the early 1960's. This has included; Duplexers, Tuned Cavities, Waveguide to Coaxial Isoducers and Terminations.